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Which James Bond Cars Have the Most In Common?

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You're not the only one who has wondered what James Bond cars look most alike. These cars are so beloved that many people want to own one. Here's an overview of some of the most iconic cars from the franchise. Not only is the Peugeot 504 reminiscent of Bond's classic DB5, it also has the same design as the Rolls-Royce DB5.

Citroen 504

France produced the two first series of 504s. The 504s, which were built in Argentina, were then exported to France. The cars were updated with more modern features like a redesigned dashboard, and a modern bumper. As a result, the cars remained popular throughout the 1970s and 1980s. The 504 is still a popular model in second generation, particularly among singles and young people.

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Rolls-Royce DB5

The DB5 features a lot more than the Bond classic car. The DB5 has many iconic spy features, including forward-mounted rockets, a liftoff number plate and a range of gadgets. A secret compartment under the hood conceals several weapons.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 Bond is the ultimate spy gadget, and has all of the features you would expect from James Bond. The car replica is equipped with futuristic gadgets such as a GPS dashboard, bulletproof screen in back, tire slashers and other futuristic features. The car's ejector seat doesn't appear to be a real thing, but it's still fun to play with.

Peugeot 504

From 1968 to 1983, the Peugeot 504 was a midsize rear-wheel-drive car that was manufactured by Peugeot. It was available in four-door sedan or wagon configurations as well as twin two-door coupe or cabriolet models. There were also pickup truck versions. Pininfarina had a major influence on the design of the car. AldoBrovarone was responsible for the sedan/berline. Franco Martinengo at Pininfarina designed the twin 504s. Peugeot also had its own sketching team, and the final model was produced by the French manufacturer in 1986.

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Rolls-Royce DB4

The DB4 luxury sports car is an example. James Bond and his henchmen are often seen driving the DB4. But unlike the novels, Bond doesn't drive this model in combat. The DB5 was the most famous Bond car. It was fitted with stunt equipment and was used for scenes that weren't combat. Rolls-Royce's last models were the DB5s. They are long remembered as one of the greatest cars in the world.

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You don’t need to have a separate hard-drive. Instead, you can just use the system's built-in hard drive.

Is the Xbox One backward compatible?

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Which James Bond Cars Have the Most In Common?