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Apple iPad 9th Gen - Pros & Cons

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Apple's iPad 9th Gen tablet computer is a significant upgrade to the iPad 4. Retina display, 8MP rear camera and doubled storage are all great features. If you're looking for more reasons to upgrade, keep reading to learn about the other features, like True Tone and doubled battery life. The iPad 9th tablet is the most highly-rated for performance. But, there are some shortcomings.

Retina display

Retina displays on Apple's new iPads are some of the most stunning displays in the world. This technology creates an image that is as natural as possible. Apple iPads' sharpness, clarity, and design are all rated. Retina displays have a resolution of 264 pixels/inch, so you can expect a sharp image and great color reproduction.

8MP rear camera

The iPhone 5S's camera has a 8MP front-facing and 1.2MP rear-facing cameras. The iPad's 8MP rear camera will not replace your regular DSLR. It's not the best, but it is adequate for many purposes. If you're looking for a camera with a higher resolution than your current iPhone, you may want to consider an external lens. Even though the iPad camera doesn't allow for macro photography it can capture good shots of objects close by. You can digitally zoom in on the iPad with its camera up to 2x.

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Doubled storage

The storage capacity is one of the major differences between the 8th-generation iPad and its successor. The storage capacity on the new iPad base model has increased by two-fold. It now comes with 64GB of storage, compared to the previous generation's 32GB and 128GB. This is a significant difference, especially when you consider how much storage it has for applications. The stock apps that Apple offers are excellent, but you can also download hundreds more apps from the App store. This allows you to have the largest selection of apps available on your tablet.

True Tone feature

True Tone is a new feature on the iPad 9.3-generation. It will automatically adjust the display's whitepoint depending on ambient light. The technology works by using two circular sensors, a luxmeter and a lux meter. This feature works similarly to the one on the iPad 9 except that it doesn't support HDR. This feature can be disabled but may cause disruption to your sleep.

Cellular performance

The Apple iPad 9th generation is built with a powerful A13 Bionic chip, a faster version of last year's A12 processor. The chip is faster than the entry-level iPad last year, but slower than the iPhone 13 Pro's A12 chip. The new iPad offers impressive improvements and will increase school popularity. Cellular performance is still a concern. This will largely depend on the user settings, apps, and environment.

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Apple iPad 9th Gen - Pros & Cons